Some Big Supermarkets Use Banana Leaves to Wrap Vegetables

The three biggest supermarket chains in Vietnam - Lotte Mart, Saigon Co-op in Ho Chi Minh City and Big C in Hanoi - have started using banana leaves instead of plastic bags to wrap vegetables. They are joining in the campaign to reduce the use of plastic bags in a bid to protect environment. 
Nguyen thi Huyen is a frequent shopper in Lotte Mart and she is so surprised to see that the vegetables now are used to wrap vegetables. At first she was very surprised, but later on when she was explained about environmental protection, she agreed with this good intention of the supermarkets.
Lotte Mart in Ho Chi Minh city also sells paper straws and paper boxes for consumers who want to bring food home. Big C offers biograde bags made with corn powder. 
According to latest statistics, Vietnam generated about 2,500 tonnes of plastic waster per day. Vietnam ranks fourth in the world in terms of plastic waste pumped into the ocean, from the statistics of United Nations Environment Program.
Recently, there has been a trend among young people to reduce the use of all kinds of plastics in daily lives. More and more people become aware of the harmful effects of the plastic waste with the environment. 
About 3 months ago, there used to be famous photographer going through Vietnam to take photos of plastic waste to raise community awareness. This trip has been appreciated by the community.


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