US Investment Corporation Shows Interest in Vietnam

Since 1971, the Overseas Private Investment Corporation (OPIC) has helped American businesses invest in emerging markets. This small US government agency aims to help manage the risks associated with foreign direct investment by providing qualified businesses with financing and political risk insurance. OPIC also partners with private equity fund managers.
Eric Jones is the Chief of Staff at the Overseas Private Investment Corporation. He serves as an adviser to the agency’s President and Chief Executive Officer, providing guidance and leadership on strategy, operations, and policy matters. He previously served as a Senior Advisor to the Office of the President and CEO at OPIC with a focus on the Indo-Pacific Region, and joined the agency from the US Small Business Administration where he was the Deputy Chief of Staff.
Recently, Eric Jones paid a working visit to Hanoi and held a meeting with some reporters. During this meeting, he announced that in 2019, OPIC planned to reserve the fund of about $1 billion for projects throughout the Asia Pacific region. 
OPIC has some rules of operating as follows: OPIC makes sure that the projects are built to last; OPIC ensures that the projects meet the environmental standards; OPIC requires the projects to use the laborers from the local country and finally OPEC checks the process to keep the transparency. For one project, OPIC can commit up to $1 billion after assessment. 
For Vietnam, OPIC is interested in the projects in clean energy, healthcare. OPIC has long presence in Vietnam, actually OPIC has been present in Vietnam since 1990s, after the US – Vietnam diplomatic relationship normalization.


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